[MU-048-SHOHE] 2WAY Macramé Shoulder Bag

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It is a 2-way shoulder bag full of natural feeling that combines banana fibre of natural material and jute fabric. When you remove the shoulder, it becomes a clutch bag! It is also fashionable to carry it with the generously sized tote bag.The lining is made from Sri Lankan folk costume saree (Used).

MUSACO products are carefully made from hand- spun banana fibres over time.
The tightly strung made from natural banana fibre is light and durable.

  • Body : 22cm * 30cm
  • Shoulder : 55cm – 120cm ( Shoulder strap adjustable / removable )
  • Material: 100% banana fibre
  • Front fabric : 100% Jute
  • Lining : Used saree fabric, material unknown
  • Weight : 250g

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MUSACO * Sri Lanka All producers.

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We turn unwanted banana tree trunks into fibre, which we use to make beautiful handicrafts.



We use no chemicals and all our products are BIO-degradable.



We are a cooperative that gives work to disabled and vulnerable people.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 22 × 30 cm

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